Are You Ready to FINALLY Crush Your Goals?

The Copywriter

The Website Builder

The Marketing Person

The Creative


The Project Manager

Sales Woman

The Bookkeeper


  • Having to make all the decisions
  • Not having anyone to run things by
  • Having to think of EVERYTHING on your own
  • Solving all the problems

And do all the day to day work!

On top of all of that...

  • You probably have other people in your life, like a husband or kids or extended family and friends that also need some of those hours in your day.

My friend, I know exactly how you are feeling.
Does any of this sound like you? 



You are working so hard and have no time for your family. And you're still not seeing the results you want to see - whether it’s more time, more money, or more freedom.



You started a business because you wanted more freedom. But, you find that you’re working non-stop trying to get it all done.


You can’t imagine continuing to work 12-hour days and squeeze in your family stuff.  You don't want to feel you’re not enjoying your business as much as you thought you would.

My story goes like this...

I started my first business without a coach and without anyone guiding me through the world of entrepreneurship. I was young and excited and passionate and knew that I would do anything and everything to make my business a success.  I put on every hat in the book and worked tirelessly day after day trying to figure it all out. I had to learn how to make money, land clients, organize my time but I also learned some seriously hard lessons, the hard way. By f-ing up, royally. (I’m happy to share a few of them when we become better acquainted)


After building a $5M company that was commended as one of the fastest-growing companies and included on prominent lists like Inc 500 and Fortune 5000...I know the difference between tactics that help a business scale or that keep your wheels spinning.


After 12 years on this roller coaster and some life circumstances, I lost the passion for what I was doing. More importantly, I wanted to share my lessons and the things I had learned with other women looking to follow their passion and start businesses. 


My passion and my goal… to teach women solopreneurs how to run, market and build their businesses in a way that has them working smarter, not harder, while providing the life they want to live. 


That’s where Foster Inc. was born and why

The 12-week Breakthrough Academy was created.

Hi! I'm Hayley Foster, founder of

Foster Inc.

Here’s how you'll feel after 12-weeks in the

Breakthrough Academy:

  • Organized - we will teach you tools to unclutter your business and your everyday tasks. 

  • Prioritized - You can finally start working on the things that matter most. 

  • Tactical - When you sit down to start your day, you will know exactly what needs to be done to hit your goals. 

  • Financial Clarity - we will look at your pricing, figure out what you need to sell and how much of it. You will create a plan and break down financial goals into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

  • Financial Security - We will get you to your desired income without having to offer discounts. No more negotiating with clients. 

  • Balance - you’ll know how to better manage the time you spend in and on your business. Your goals won't get pushed to the side because you’re too busy ‘working’. 

  • Freedom - We will figure out what you can automate, delegate and delete from your daily life. You'll put systems in place so you can finally take things off your plate.

  • Confident - We will define your ideal client, where they are, and how you can best reach them. our leads will want to work with you because ‘you get it'. We will work on your sales process and scripts so when you speak to potential clients, you know exactly what to say. You will know exactly how to market your business consistently. You'll be able to get leads coming in on autopilot.

  • Focused - we will get clear on your goals. You will outline the tasks you need to accomplish those goals and set you on a clear path to get there.

  • Connected - you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded women all looking to support you on your journey so you never feel alone in your business

This is how I NOW feel about my business

and I want the same for you.


You deserve to live the life that you desire… your best life!

Here's what you get when you join the
12-Week Breakthrough Academy

A clear and executable action plan to break through the things that have been holding you back. There are three phases of this program, all including educational materials, 1on1 time and live online group training sessions:


Phase 1: Evaluate and Plan

In the first phase of the program, we will look at where you’ve been and outline where you want to go. We will work on setting up your BIG ASS GOALS and put a plan in place to get you there so you don’t have to worry about what your next move is.

  • Goals Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Time Analysis

  • Develop a Daily, Weekly, Monthly Action Plan


Phase 2: Strategize & Systematize

In this phase, we will develop strategies for your overall business, marketing, and sales so that your business runs like a well-oiled machine. 

  • Business Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Business Systems


Phase 3: Execution & Sustainability

This phase will teach you how to finally start working less and see more results. We will work on processes and procedures for your life and business that takes YOU out of the everyday equation.

  • Automation of tasks

  • Implementation of systems

  • SOP’s - Standard Operating Procedures

Throughout the program, you will receive Support, Accountability & Guidance through:



3 hours of 1on1 sessions with Hayley - this is the time for us to nail down your goals, work on strategies and outline lists of tasks you need to complete to reach your goals. 


Live Group


3 live group education sessions with experts from different industries - whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, learning new skills from other industry experts helps you stay ahead of the curve so you continue to grow


Check-In Calls

Weekly live group check-ins. It’s easy to get busy and overwhelmed. These weekly calls are your accountability system to keep you on track, working towards your goals and ensuring that you’re doing the work. Feeling stuck? Hop on the call and work through it with the group or in a breakout room.



3 - 5 recorded education sessions from Hayley and other industry experts. Sessions will focus on Social Media, Reels, Mindset Hacks, Messaging, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Automation tools, Financial Tools and more. You’ll receive these training modules as part of the program to go through at your leisure. These experts will provide valuable tips and tools to help you get to the next level.



Weekly emails of guidance throughout the program. The weekly emails not only provide you with more direction but they provide additional tools, podcasts to listen to, people to follow and articles we’ve procured just for you.



But wait...there's more!!!


You also get: 

  • To connect with a BADASS community of women, JUST LIKE YOU 

  • Access to a SLACK channel for sharing and communicating with the group - share your content, ask for advice and engagement, discover new resources

  • Access to the FosterWomen Private Facebook Group for sharing, additional content sessions and more

  • Virtual Networking Events throughout the program

When you join today, you'll also receive these bonuses:

  • Become a FosterWoman

    A Free 1-year Membership to FosterWomen

    Including all of the benefits of being a FosterWoman - connecting with other like-minded women, membership discounts, podcast guest, increased exposure and opportunities to share your expertise.  

  • Free Access to The Ultimate Success Toolkit

    Over 20 different tools to help you figure out your pricing, nail down your niche, build your sales pitch, organize your time, make your message sticky and so much more.

  • A Free Foster Your Life Workbook

    A  200 page workbook that guides you through the program and keeps you on track, motivated and inspired to keep going.



  • Free Access to my 1-hour Instagram Strategies Webinar

    Tools to help you grow on IG, plus a 20 page workbook that guides you through setting up your Instagram so you can finally attract the right people and turn them into paying customers 

Wouldn't it be amazing if after 12 weeks

you could wake up and say...


"... I know how to set myself up for success each day"

"...I know what tasks I need to do to accomplish my goals"

"...My business is running smoothly without feeling overwhelmed"

"...I've found a tribe of other like-minded women that ‘get it’ and they support me, no matter what"

"... I'm on my way to hitting the income I desire and deserve"

Well, It's Possible!  

And, you don’t need to:

  • Hire a big staff
  • Outsource everything
  • Invest a shit ton of money
  • Find a consistent paycheck somewhere else



Here are what some of the women that have been through my courses have to say....


Culinary Nutritionist

Hayley has been instrumental in the growth of my business.  From conception, Hayley has guided me and motivated me to maximize profits within my time constraints.  She is proactive, patient and knowledgeable on all aspects of business start-ups.  She is also very kind, funny and a pleasure to work with.


Headshot Photographer

Hayley is an invaluable business resource for anyone who is starting or has their own business. Together with her FosterWomen community, her business acumen and her knowledge of the latest business tools, Hayley is a one stop business bootcamp.


Financial Advisor

Hayley’s coaching program left me with insightful ideas of best practices for my business. Our sessions incorporated a variety of useful tools for business, and also life.  I’d highly recommend you have an intro call to see how she can align herself with your needs. 

And don't worry...



If, for any reason, after 14 days you feel this program is not right for you, 

email me at and we will offer you a FULL REFUND. 

Hayley Foster

Founder, Foster Inc.

Are you ready? 


Today is the day you stop playing in your business and start making the money and impact you desire!


Stop thinking about it and make the commitment to finally get to the next level!


Let’s DO THIS!!!!


Fill out the application today and let’s set up a call to see if this program is right for you.

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